Blanca de C. - Collection C. Kleiss
Passing the Bridge of Deusto sailing down the Nervion River.
      She was built on 1918 at Montreal by Canadian Vickers naval trawler for the Royal Canadian Navy with the denomination TR-30. She was flagged in Spain on 1920 when bought by Ramón de Carranza, being renamed Blanca de C.. On 1936 she was bought by Cándido López Valcárcel, who on 1949 sold her to Julián Trancoso Sagredo, being concerted to cargo ship on 1952. On 1963 she was bought by Julio Paquet Cangas and renamed Teruca, name that she kept until scrapped on 1987, although since 1977 she was owned by Hnos. Graiño Amarelle.
Shipyard / Year Canadian Vickers / 1918
Gross register 381 GRT
Net register 171 NRT
Lenght 43.7 mtr
Breadth 7.2 mtr
Depth 4.2 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 300 H.P.
Bought 1949
Sold 1963

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