Cabo Peñas - Collection C. Kleiss
At Pasajes. On the foreground was the Mina Meruxal.

Shipyard / Year Echevarrieta y Larrinaga / 1949
Dead Weight 2,892 MT
GRT 2,544
Lenght 89.6 mtr
Breadth 13.2 mtr
Depth 7.6 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating quadruple expansion
Maker Christiansen & Meyer
Power 1,800 H.P.
Boilers La Mont -- 16 kg/cm2 - 350ºC
Bought 1959 to
Owner Elcano
Scrapped Bilbao - 1973

Cabo Peñas - Collection C. Kleiss
        At Barcelona. In the foreground, only half ship seen, was the Satrustegui or Virginia de Churruca, followed by the Cabo Peñas, tied alongside her was the Campeon, although could be the Jose Calvo Sotelo or Campante, behind was the Ciudad de Alcira, in front was the Italian vessel Victoria or Asia, in the background was the Cabo Santa Marta and maneuvering was the Camposilo. Thanks to Javier Careaga has been identified the white ship that is on the middle left side of the photo, she was one of the reefers owned by Trafrume, she could be the Glaciar Azul, Glaciar Blanco, Glaciar Gris, Glaciar Verde, Glaciar Negro or Glaciar Rojo.

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