Ciudad de Cadiz - Collection C. Kleiss
At Santa Isabel (Spanish Guinea), nowadays Malabo (Equatorial Guinea).
        She was delivered to Antonio López y Compañía, because Trasatlántica was not yet created, passing to it as soon as formed. The original propulsion machine was compound, but on 1892 was changed by a triple expansion one.
        She started trading in the lines to Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, but later was in the line to Spanish Guinea. She sunk there on 10/October/1924 when steaming from San Carlos to Santa Isabel, nowadays Luba and Malabo. Luckily without casualties.
        During the 1898 war between Spain and the United States she was armed as auxiliary cruiser, and integrated in the fleet that was in Cuba.
        She grounded on 10/October/1924 when steaming between San Carlos and Santa Isabel, nowadays Luba and Malabo, in Equatorial Guinea.
Shipyard / Year Lobnitz Coulborn / 1879
Dead Weight 5,905 MT
Gross Register 3,283 GRT
Pasajeros 417 = 163 (1) + 54 (2) + 200 (3)
Lenght 110.8 mtr
Breadth 11.6 mtr
Depth 7.4 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 3,350 H.P.
Wrecked 10/10/1924 -- San Carlos - Santa Isabel

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