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Marques de Comillas - Collection C. Kleiss
        She was one of the three sister ships built by the Sociedad Española de Construcción Naval in three different shipyards. The Juan Sebastian Elcano at Sestao, the Magallanes at Matagorda and this at Ferrol.
        There were small differences among them. The passenger capacity of this was: Firts class: 149 - Second class: 53 - Third class: 39 - Emigrants: 832.
        This was the longest living under Spanish flag, being scrapped at Bilbao on 1962 after a fire when she was at ASTANO (Fene-Ferrol). The Magallanes was scrapped on 1957, after four years in lay up at Sestao. The Juan Sebastian Elcano was scrapped on 1968, but under Soviet Union flag, after seized on 1938 during the Civil War.
Shipyard / Year S.E.C.N. - Ferrol / 1928
Dead weight 6,245 MT
Gross register 9,922 GRT
Lenght 145.1 mtr
Breadth 17.1 mtr
Depth 9,8 meters
Propulsion 4 turbines / 2 shafts
Power 8,296 H.P.
Speed 16 knots
Scrapped Bilbao - 1962

Marques de Comillas - Colección de C. Kleiss
At the Sociedad Española de Construcción Naval shipyard, at Sestao. On the background was the Habana

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