Monte Altube - Collection C. Kleiss
Berthed at Vigo
        On 1929 the Naviera Sota y Aznar began receiving eight sister motor ships, built by Euskalduna. They were: Axpe-Mendi, Ayala-Mendi, Altube-Mendi, Arnabal-Mendi, Aya-Mendi, Anboto-Mendi, Artza-Mendi and Araya-Mendi, renamed in 1939 as Monte Albertia, Monte Ayala, Monte Altube, Monte Arnabal, Monte Almanzor, Monte Amboto, Monte Abril y Monte Aralar respectively.
        They had 2,955 GRT, with 107.4 meters lenght, 13.9 breadth and with 6.2 depth, and 3.820 MT of cargo with maximum draft 5.9 meters. All them had a diesel engine Burmeister & Wain Burmeister & Wain 4SC6SA 55/100, with 6 cylinders with 600 mm diameter and 1,060 stroke, with 1,908 HP, what gave them 11 knots consuming 4.5 MT of gasoil daily.
       The Altube-Mendi was sold on 1969 to Armadores de Cabotaje, keeping her name. She was lost on 16/December/1972 after grounding close to Tarfaya (Morocco) in a trip carrying wheat in sacks from Cádiz to Mauritania.
Shipyard / Year Euskalduna / 1929
Dead weight 3,948 MT
Gross register 2,955 MT
Length 107.4 mtr
Breadth 13.9 mtr
Depth 6.2 mtr
Propulsion Burmeister & Wain 4SC6SA 55/100
Power 1,650 H.P.
Sold 1969 to
Owner Armadores de Cabotaje
Owner Monte Altube
Sunk 16/12/1972 - Close Cape Juby

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