Monte Galera - Collection C. Kleiss
At Amsterdam
        She was built on 1921 by Euskalduna as Artxanda-Mendi. At the starting of the Civil War she was in Italy, being flagged there and integrated in the Cooperativa de Navigazione Garibaldi, changing her name to Siena. On 1939 she was returned back to Naviera Aznar, being renamed as Monte Galera. Shewas sold on 1961 to Naviera Santa Catalina. She was scrapped on 1968.
Shipyard/Year Euskalduna / 1921
Dead Weight 4,959 MT
Gross Register 3,229 MT
Lenght 106.5 mtr
Breadth 14.2 mtr
Depth 7.4 mtr
Propulsion Alternativa triple expansión
Power 1,500 H.P.
Sold 1961 to
Owner Naviera Santa Catalina
Scrapped 1968

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