Popi K - Collection C. Kleiss
Berthed to Muelle de Calderón, at Santander, after being drydocked at Astilleros Corcho Hijos.
        She was built in 1942 for the British Government as Empire Melody. In 1946 she was renamed as Lucy Borchard and in 1950 as Nordeflinge.
        She was bought in 1955 by Socoa Shipping Company, owned by Sota, and renamed Ines. In 1962 she was drydocked at Astilleros Corcho Hijos, changing during that time her name to Popi K. because she was sold to Zanlouk Compañía Maritima. On 1967 she was sold again and changed her name to Gold Sky, being sunk fraudulently on 19/December/1968 to get the insurance money.
Shipyard / Year Grangemouth Dockyard / 1942
Name Empire Melody
Name / Year Lucy Borchard / 1946
Name / Year Nordeflinge / 1950
Name / Year Ines / 1955
Dead weight 4,640 MT
Gross register 2,883 GRT
Net register 1,658 NRT
Length 100.0 mtr
Breadth 14.2 mtr
Depth 7.7 mtr
Maximum draft 6.4 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 3,000 H.P.
Speed 9 knots
Bought 1962 to
Owner Socoa Shipping Company
Name Ines
Sold 1967 to
Owner Astrovianis C. Naviera
Name Gold Sky
Sunk 19/12/1968 -- 35º57'N-04º53'W

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