Buenos Aires - Collection C. Kleiss
She was built on 1945 as Smith Victory, in the program Victory type VC2-S-AP2. On 1947 she was bought by Compañía Río de la Plata de Navegación de Ultramar, part of the Argentinian group Dodero. This company owned and managed the group emigration vessels. On 1949 the group shipping companies were bought by the Argentinian Government, and the two deep sea companies merged in a new company that was called Flota Argentina de Navegación de Ultramar. On 1960 the government merged the company with Flota Mercante del Estado, being named the new company Empresa Líneas Marítimas Argentinas (ELMA). Previously, on 1952, she was converted to cargo ship with capacity for 12 passengers; until then was around 850. She was sold on 1963, grounding on 11/February/1968 on Gran Bahama bank, being declared constructive total lost. She was refloated and towed to Bilbao where was scrapped.
Shipyard / Year Bethlehem-Fairfield / 1945
Dead Weight 10,750 MT
Gross register 7,600 GRT
Lenght 138.8 mtr
Breadth 18.9 mtr
Depth 11.6 mtr
Propulsion Steam turbines Westinghouse
Power 6,000 H.P.
Bought 1947
Sold 1963

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