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Spanish shipping companies and vessels:   This section is dedicated to the shipping companies, many of them already gone, and vessels which have been part of our history.

New:   What is new in the site, so it can be visited easily.

Contributions:   Our contributors, with links to their contributions.

Impressive collection of Chris Kleiss:   With vessels at port, many very old. This section is yet been prepared and uploaled. Many more vessels are in their respective shipping company, and can be accessed through Contributors

Listas Oficiales de Buques:   Listas Oficiales de Buques: Spanish Vessels Registers in PDF format, with text search.

Photo Galleries:   In this section are my preferred fotographs, splitted in several photo galleries. The most of the photos were taken by me. Also some voyages are shown.

Cien años con la Marina Mercante - 1895-1995:   The Spanish shipping companies with their vessels, in three volumes. Can be consulted the indexes, as well as the compilations with new photos found, errors, etc. In Spanish

Compañía Naviera Marasia:   This section is dedicated to the shipping company Compañía Naviera Marasia, where I was sailing for ten years.

Passing the Strait of Le Maire on 01/August/2015

Astillero de San Martín:   This section is dedicated to this Shipyard, which for many years was part of Santander downtown, established in San Martin area.

Astilleros de Cádiz:   All the history of this shipyard, located close to Cádiz downtown. Only in Spanish.

Links:   Section dedicated to show links to sea related sites, which I believe are interesting.

World Ship Society - Sucursal Española:   Page dedicated to this Society, dedicated to the promotion of the maritime matters, and specially to the Spanish Branch.

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