Spanish shipping companies and ships

In this section I will try to show the Spanish shipping companies and their vessels.

The first graphical source were the photos shot by Teo Diedricht at Santander since the '50s. I started this page thanks to Teo, deceased on August 2012.
Teo was not a seafarer but had a inmense knowledge about the ships. It has been a great loss, firstly for his family, and also for all those who were proud on being his friends.

To his photos were added the ones from Fernando Estrañi, and also from many contribuitors, all them named on Contributors.

The contributions, history as well as photos, that all visitors can send me will be reflected in the company pages with aknowledge to the author on them and on Contributors. When passing the mouse over each photo the name of its author or supplier will be displayed. In the lower part of each page are the names of the main contribuitors for that Shipping Company.

There is less history and data in this English written section than in the Spanish one. The photos are exactly the same. Anybody willing to collaborate carrying out the translation will be welcome.

Shipping Companies A - B

Shipping Companies C

Shipping Companies D - L

Shipping Companies M - P

Shipping Companies Q - T

Shipping Companies U - Z


    The clasification is done by the name that makes them different, disregarding Naviera or Compañía.

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