Spanish shipping - Monographics

Vessels of the serie Monasterios and similars   Nine vessels with alike specifications built in Bilbao.

Old steamers   Old steamers, some of them sailing until the las century '70s.

Old Coasters   These ships were for many years the typical view of our ports.

Posters and postcards of Trasmediterránea   This small collection of posters and postcards is very interesting.

Interior View Postcards   In this postcard collection, edited by Trasmediterránea, con be seen how was the accomodation onboard the ships in the 30's. The most of them are belonging to the Ciudad de Sevilla.

Badges and insignia used by the Officers in the Spanish Merchant Marine  In this page of Aingeru Astui can be seen the badges and insignia of each rank and deparment.

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