Campante - Collection C. Kleiss
At Málaga, on the center background. On the right was the Vicente Puchol; on the left an unidentified vessel that could be owned by Transportes, Aduanas y Consignaciones (TAC); on the foreground other unidentified vessel owned by Merzario Lines.

Shipyard / Year S.E.C.N. Matagorda / 1945
Dead weight 10,762 MT
Gross register 8,452 GRT
Lenght 148.6 mtr
Breadth 18.9 mtr
Depth 10.4 mtr
Propulsion 2x MTM – B&W 663TF130
Power 3,860 H.P.
Speed 12 knots
Scrapped Barcelona - 1976

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