Castillo Olmedo - Collection C. Kleiss
      She was the first Spanish cable layer. The photo was shot at Málaga, where was usually based when not needed.
      She was built on 1908 at Oslo by Nylands Vaerkstd as Bjornoy. Later was Juan and Reina with Panamanian flag, being sunk at Gijón during the Civil War by an air raid.
Shipyard / Year Nylands Vaerksted / 1908
Dead weight 1,750 MT
Gross register 1,481 GRT
Lenght 74.2 mtr
Breadth 10.3 mtr
Depth 6.6 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,120 H.P.
Fuel Coal
Speed 10 knots
Transferred 1942 from
Owner Gerencia de Buques Incautados
Name Castillo Olmedo
Scrapped 1969

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