Castro Alen - Collection C. Kleiss
      The photo shows her at Burdeos, made fast with the two anchors and ropes to the pier, although she was far from it.
      When on 1929 she was sold to Gumersindo Riesgo Vallina kept the name, but on 1934 was sold to Compañía de Navegación Vasco Asturiana and renamed Pepin. Only two years later was scrapped.

Shipyard / Year Grangemouth & Greenock Dockyard Co. / 1897
Dead weight 2,100 MT
Gross register 1,231 GRT
Lenght 73.0 mtr
Breadth 11.2 mtr
Depth 5.0 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 880 H.P.
Sold 1929 to
Owner Gumersindo Riesgo Vallina
Name Castro Alen
Sold 1934 to
Owner Companía Vasco Asturiana
Name Pepin
Scrapped 1936

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