Italica - Collection C. Kleiss
        Berthed at Santander, at the Grúa de Piedra "machina", Port of Santander symbol. It is amazing observing the assorted cargo on the pier ready to be loaded.
        She was built on 1883 for José María de Ybarra S.C. She was the second Italica. The first was built on 1860 and sold on 1883.
        On 12/January/1922 she left Vigo bound to Málaga. Due to the fog she grounded on Cíes Islands. As it was not possible to refloat her she was total loss.
Shipyard / Year Joseph L. Thompson / 1883
Dead Weight 1,267 MT
Gross Register 1,070 GRT
Lenght 67.1 mtr
Breadth 9.5 mtr
Depth 5,0 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 514 H.P.
Sunk 1922

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