Monte Balerdi - Collection C. Kleiss
At Vigo, without knowing which one of them she was. Behind was the Canberra.
        On 1964/66 the Naviera Aznar was scheduled for taking delivery of five coaster ships built by Juliana Constructora Gijonesa. Their names would be: Monte Uno, Monte Dos, Monte Tres, Monte Cuatro y Monte Cinco, but three were sold when yet at the shipyard. They were the Monte Uno, Monte Dos and Monte Cinco, sold to Naviera Eco the first and to Naviera Vasco Gaditana the other two, renamed Eco Luisa, Puerto de Pasajes and Puerto de Cadiz respectively.
        The Monte Tres and Monte Cuatro were also renamed before their delivery as Monte Berretin and Monte Balerdi. They were sold in 1968 to Vapores Suardíaz, keeping their names until sold in 1982 to Panamanian shipping companies.
        After several owners and names they finished their lives almost at same time. The Monte Berretin was scrapped in 1992 and the Monte Balerdi in 1990, but before she was during short time used for radio broadcasting close to Honduras.
Shipyard / Year Juliana C. Gijonesa / 1965
Dead weight 1,933 MT
Gross register 1,165 MT
Lenght 74.7 mtr
Breadth 10.8 mtr
Depth 5.8 mtr
Propulsion Euskalduna – MAN 69V30/45
Power 1,230 H.P.
Speed 11 knots
Bought 1968 to
Owner Naviera Aznar
Name Monte Balerdi
Sold 1982 to
Sold 1982 to
Owner Naviera Miravalles - Panamá
Name Monte Balerdi
Name / Year Dionissios K. / 1982
Name / Year Nannell / 1986
Name / Year Mi amigo / 1989
Scrapped Zeebrugge / 1990

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