Picoblanco - Collection C. Kleiss
Passing the open Deusto's bridge, sailing up river Nervión
        She was built by Astilleros Corcho Hijos on 1958. She was sold on 1981 to a Maltese shipping company, that renamed her as Castle Pride, being finally scrapped on 1986.
Shipyard / Year Corcho Hijos / 1958
Dead weight 3,580 MT
Gross register 2,715 GRT
Net register 1,453 NRT
Lenght 93.2 mtr
Breadth 13.7 mtr
Depth 7.1 mtr
Propulsion Naval - B&W 562VTF115
Power 3,000 H.P.
Speed 14 knots
Sold 1981 to
Owner Castle Lines
Scrapped Gadani Beach (Pakistan) - 1986

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