Polar - Collection C. Kleiss
At New Orleans as Bodo
        She was built in Norway with as Xenia for a Norwegian shipping company, changing shipowner five years after and being renamed Bodo. Despite changing shipowners three times, she kept that name, although only with the first one she kept the Norwegian flag, later changing to the flags of the Bahamas and Honduras. In 1925 she was acquired by Sociedad Anónima de Navegación Estrella, and renamed Polar, but only three years later she was sold to a Greek shipowner, who first renamed her Samos and a year later Ikaria. She was scrapped in 1928.
Shipyard / Year Bergens Mek Vaerks / 1894
Name Xenia
Name / Year Bodo / 1899
Name / Year Plentingen / 1915
Dead weight 750 MT
Gross register 668 GRT
Net register 439 NRT
Lenght 55.4 mtr
Breadth 8.6 mtr
Depth 3.8 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 130 N.H.P.
Bought 1922 to
Owner D/S A/S Plentingen
Name Plentingen
Sold 1925 to
Owner Steam Navigation of Samos
Name Samos
Renamed / Year Ikaria / 1926
Scrapped 1928

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