Rita Garcia - Collection C. Kleiss
At Tarragona
        She was built on 1922 in the United Kingdom for Ellaston Steamship Co. as Ellaston . She was acquired on 1929, being the second Rita Garcia. She was almost new, only 7 years old when bought. She was the youngest vessel bought by the company, the next one was the first Rita Garcia, 11 years old when bought. The oldest when bought was the Garcia Nº 1: 41 years old.
        She suffered on 11/February/1936 a severe accident that was close to constructive total loss, although with a lot of work and luck she was saved. As a result she was repairing at Euskalduna (Bilbao) when the Civil War began, being confiscated by the Republican Government and making several trips after the completion of said repair. On 1938 she was recovered by the National Government and returned to her shipowner, performing from then on different traffics until being scrapped on 1969 at Cartagena.
Shipyard / Year Robert Thompson & Sons / 1922
Dead Weight 6,980 GRT
Gross Register 3,708 GRT
Lenght 109.5 mtr
Breadth 15.0 mtr
Depth 8.0 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,800 HP
Bought 1929 to
Owner Ellaston Steamship Co.
Scrapped 1969

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