SAC 4 - Collection C. Kleiss
        On this photo, shot at Huelva, is the first ship. She was built in 1922 by Clyde Shupbuilding and Engineering Company as Dilluns for Juan Bautista Borés. In 1927 she was bought by Sociedad Anónima Cros having a long life, because was scrapped in 1975. Firstly she was named as SAC 4, being renamed in 1949 SAC Alicante when transfered to Transportes, Aduanas y Consignaciones.
        During the Civil War was under the Republican Government control, being shelled and sunk by the Nacional cruiser Canarias whilst berthed at Palamós. After refloated she was towed to Barcelona to be repaired. It was not possible due to the lack of materials until almost the end of the war, after the Nacional Army took over the city.
Shipyard / Year Clyde S.B./ 1922
Dead weight 4,153 GRT
Gross register 2,383 GRT
Lenght 89.8 mtr
Breadth 13.5 mtr
Depth 6.2 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,475 H.P.
Bought 1927 to
Owner Juan Bautista Borés
Scrapped 1975

SAC 4 - Collection C. Kleiss
At Porto Pí, where Sociedad Anónima Cros had a factory. This factory was previously owned by Trasmediterránea, and first by Sociedad Navegación e Industria, one of the shipping companies that merged to create it.

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