Sama - Collection C. Kleiss
This photo shows her steaming down the Nervión River, in the Estaury of Bilbao, in front of Santurce.
        She was built in 1876 in the United Kingdom as Rouen and was flagged in Spain in 1918, when bought by Rogelio Ferreiros. This same owner had acquired her in 1906 and registered her in Uruguay, which in those years acted as a second registry for Spanish ships. Since her purchase, she was renamed Josefita, a name that she retained when she was transferred to the Spanish flag in 1918. She was bought from this owner in 1929 and renamed Sama.
        At the beginning of the Civil War, she was taken under the control of the Republican Government, sailing mainly through the Cantábrico until ishe was sunk by a national aviation bombardment on 18/August/1937, when she was loading coal at El Musel (Gijón). She was refloated and repaired in September 1938, returning to sea carrying almost exclusively coal until she was scrapped in 1966.
Shipyard / Year J. Laing / 1876
Name Rouen
Name / Year Hermia / 1889
Owner / Year Rogelio Ferreiros / 1906
Name Josefita
Dead weight 1,050 MT
Gross register 751 GRT
Length 62.1 mtr
Breadth 9.0 mtr
Depth 4.7 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 460 H.P.
Bought 1929 to
Owner Rogelio Ferreiros
Name Josefita
Scrapped Gijón - 1966

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