around a
300,000 MT

Officers mess room

First Engineer day room and office

Main Deck alley way. On the left are the frames with the safety equipment lay up and the mustering stations list

Officers day room

Cargo Control Room. In the panel are the switches to control the valves. On the right are the gauges to control the cargo and ballast pumps

Chart Room in the after side of Bridge. In this are we can see two GPS, Navtex, weather facsimile, satellite Inmarsat C, radio finder and speed log

Bridge. In first place the auto-pilot, behind there is one radar and the panel to control the Main Engine speed

Engine Control Room. In first place the Main Engine governor control unit that is adjusting its speed following the order from the Bridge or Engine Control Room and where is possible to adjust all the parameters. On the screen that is on the center is possible checking the values of pressures, temperatures, levels, etc

Purifiers Room. In first place the fuel-oil purifiers, in the end the lub-oil ones. On the right the Main Engine fuel-oil circulation pums

Fresh water generator. Here destillated water is produced evaporating sea water. To heat the sea water is used the Main Engine cooling water that has 85°C. The sea water evaporates with 50°C because the vessel is under vacuum

Main Engine cylinder covers

Cargo pump turbine

Air condition compressors

View from Engine Room top. The spare piston can be seen in its storage place. Below it are the Engine Control Room windows

View from Engine Room top. Just below are the Main Engine cylinder covers and in front the diesel generators, that produce the electricity

The spare piston ready to be used. In this photo is in the Main Engine cylinder covers platform

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