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Compañía Naviera de La Mancha

This shipping company was formed in 1984 and had a single ship, for only five years. She was a log carrier, also desined as multiporpouse. In 1989 she was embargoed by the Banco de Crédito Industrial, as in the case of dozens more, that put her under the management of the Sociedad de Gestión de Buques, which had been created specifically to manage the embargoed ships, until they were sold. . That same year she was sold to a foreign shipping company.

Travemar Africa
Travemar Africa by F. Estrañi

Shipyard / Year Astilleros del Cadagua - Bilbao / 1984
Dead weight 9,062 MT
Gross register 5,717 GRT
Length 120.0 mtr
Breadth 18.5 mtr
Depth 10.0 mtr
Maximum draft 8.4 mtr
Propulsion Bazán - MAN 8L40/54
Power 5,000 H.P.
Alternators 3 x 320 kW - 380 VAC - 50 Hz
Speed 12.5 knots
Embargoed Banco de Crédito Industrial / 1989
Managed Sociedad de Gestión de Buques
Sold 1989 to
Owner Supersea Shipping Ltd. - Cyprus
Name Maritsa N.P.
Name / Year Long Binh / 1990
Name / Year Dimitra G. / 1998
Name / Year Lady Alla / 2008
Scrapped Alang (India) - 2010

Travemar Africa - Collection J. Careaga
Carrying out the sea trials
Travemar Africa - Shipspotting

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