San Martín

This section is dedicated to this Shipyard, which for many years were part of Santander downtown, installed in San Martin.
  In 1880 started as Talleres San Martin, in 1886 changed its name to Talleres de Maquinaria y Fundición de Corcho e Hijos and in 1915 to Corcho Hijos, Astilleros de San Martin. This was its name for the most of the time In 1948 it was bought by Compañía Trasatlántica Española, and in 1962 Basse-Sambre became the biggest shareholder, being renamed Basse-Sambre Corcho (CORBASA). Finally in 1971 became Astilleros del Atlántico until its end in 1988.
  As I am not writing its history, only showing some pictures of some of the ships built there, where is possible to see the different stages of building and launching, from here you can go to each of the showed ships.
  All the drawings and pictures have been selected from the Archivos de Astilleros del Atlántico, which were delivered to the Universidad de Cantabria and are now in the Escuela Superior de la Marina Civil de Santander, few meters distance from the place where for so many years the Shipyard was situated.
  Regretfully there are pictures from only few of the ships built there, and the drawings of the most of the older ships have been lost.






  Federico Barreras



  Manchester Merito

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