Ciudad de Ibiza - Collection C. Kleiss
En Ibiza. Atracado estaba el Valdes, de MacAndrews Lines.
        She was built in Denmark as Esbjerg for Det Forenade D/S (DFDS), as part of a series of four sister ships. After the German invasion of Denmark they were used to transport troops through the area, until 1944 when she was seized by the German Government, being renamed Kürassier. In August 1945 she was recovered by DFDS, who on the 26th of that month sent her with Danish crew from Lübeck to Copenhagen, but on the 25th she collided with a mine and sank. As she was in shallow waters, she was refloated in September 1946 and towed to Copenhagen, where she was lais up.
        In July 1947 she was acquired by Trasmediterránea and towed to Valencia, where she was totally rebuilt by Unión Naval de Levante, a job that lasted two years. She left the shipyard with the name Ciudad de Ibiza, home port Valencia and number 497, and from then on she was incorporated into the Trasmeditarránea lines until 1977, when she was decommissioned and laid up at Palma de Mallorca, until scrapped in 1978 at Vilanova y La Geltrú.
Shipyard / Year Helsingörs Vaerft / 1929
Name Esbjerg
Name / Year Kurassier / 1944
Name / Year Esbjerg / 1945
Dead weight 1,355 MT
Gross register 3,059 GRT
Net register 1,653 NRT
Passangers 1st: 100 - 2nd: 64 - 3rd: 38 - Deck: 145
Length 99.0 mtr
Breadth 13.5 mtr
Depth 8.7 mtr
Maximum draft 5.4 mtr
Propulsion 2 x Burmeister & Wain
Power 3,300 H.P.
Dynamos 3 x 90 kW - 110 VDC
Speed 15 knots
Bought 1947 to
Owner Det Forenade (DFDS)
Name Esbjerg
Scrapped Vilanova i la Geltrú - 1978

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