Ciudad de Melilla - Collection C. Kleiss
At Málaga on the right. By the left was the German vessel Trapani.
        She was built in 1907 by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson for the Sociedad de Navegación e Industria with the name of Reina Victoria, name that conserved when integrating in Trasmediterránea, and that changed to Ciudad de Melilla in 1931 when establishing the republic.
        At the beginning of the Civil War, she was at the Nacional side and was refitted as an auxiliary cruiser, participating in the traffic control in the southern part of the peninsula. Once finished the war she continued sailing in several lines until being scrapped in 1955.
Shipyard / Year Swan, Hunter & Wigham / 1907
Dead weight 720 MT
Gross register 1,257 GRT
Pasajeros 120
Lenght 76.3 mtr
Breadth 9.8 mtr
Depth 4.1 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,300 H.P.
Speed 14 knots
Bought 1917 to
Owner Sociedad de Navegación e Industria
Scrapped Barcelona - 1958

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