Fernando Poo - Collection C. Kleiss
        On this photo at Santander she was the first on the left. The name was clearly visible on the side, to be identified as neutral during the First World War, so the photo was in the second half of 1914 or early 1915 because the ship berthed by her bow was the first Alfonso XIII, which sank on 05/February/1915.
        Behind were two sister ships, that Javier Careaga found out that were the San Emeterio and the San Celedonio, hoppers of the Junta de Obras del Puerto de Santander. Both were converted later into cargo ships.
        She was built on 1898 by Sir Raylton Dixon and Company Shipyards for the Royal Mail Steamship Packet Company as Severn. She was bought by Trasatlántica on 1910 and renamed Fernando Poo as she was intended for the line of Spanish Guinea, but she was soon dedicated to the Philippines one. In one of the trips Barcelona-Manila she grounded on 23/June/1916 in Antibeg Island, one of the Philippine Islands of the Sulu Sea, when she was already close to her destination. She was lost fortunately without victims.
Shipyard / Year Sir Raylton Dixon & Co. / 1898
Name Severn
Dead weight 4,824 MT
Gross register 3,760 GRT
Length 106.7 mtr
Breadth 13.8 mtr
Depth 7.7 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 2.911 H.P.
Speed 13 knots
Bought 1910 to
Owner Royal Mail Steamship
Name Severn
Wrecked 23/06/1916 - Antibeg Island (Sulu Sea)

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