Floriana - Collection C. Kleiss
        She was built on 1952 at La Seyne (France) by Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée as El Djezair for Compagnie de Navigation Mixte, of Marseilles. Her propulsion machinery was recovered from the first El Djezair, built by the same shipyard for the same company on 1934. The machinery was six steam turbines, in two grups of three, geared to two shafts. The first El Djezair, that was sold on 1943 to Italy and renamed Cassino, was sunk on 1944 by aircraft bombing, refloated on 1945 and scrapped on 1950.
        On 1970 was bought by Souvereign Cruise Ships (Cyprus) and renamed as Floriana, with Cyprian flag and home port Limassol. On 1971 she was sold to Allied Finance, transfered to Greek flag and with Piraeus as home port.
        On this photo on 1971, at Galdames (Sestao), she is the ferry on the center with the blue lower hull. She was there until scrapped at Valencia on 1973.
        Berthed on the right was the Marach, a Liberty being scrapped, built on 1944 as Samaustral. Anchored close to her were the hopper Ciervana and the small tanker Campanilla. The ship with the red and black hull was the Faith Euskalduna, built on 1971 by Euskalduna that was not taken by the ordering company and remained there until sold on 1972 to Intermare, that renamed her Aegis Stoic.
Shipyard / Year Méditerranée-La Seine / 1952
Dead Weight 1,890 MT
GRT 7,608
Lenght 132.0 mtr
Breadth 18.1 mtr
Propulsion 6 steam turbines / 2 shafts
Speed 21 knots
Bought 1971 to
Owner Souvereign Cruise Ships (Cyprus)
Scrapped 1973

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