Galicia - Collection C. Kleiss
        Here she is seen at Carril, in the Ria de Arosa. She was built for José Pedrós, then was acquired by Zacarías Pérez y Gil S.C., whom was bought by Dionisio Pérez Tejero on 1930 the latest. On 1952 was sold to Naviera Astur, being renamed as Bahia de Coruña.
        This old steamer must be the oldest ship in the Spanish Merchant Marine, and maybe in the world, as when she was scrapped on 1965 she was 112 years. Until then she was still consuming coal, about 10 MT/day, so the capacity of her bunkers (35 MT) did not allow her to sail far away.
Shipyard / Year Ty W. Smit / 1853
Dead Weight 330 MT
GRT 279
Lenght 41.3 mtr
Breadth 7.0 mtr
Depth 2,4 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 150 H.P.
Speed 7 knots
Sold 1952 to
Owner Naviera Astur
Name Bahia de Coruña
Scrapped 1965

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