Hinnoy - Collection C. Kleiss
At San Feliú de Guixols
        She was built in 1925 in Germany for the Norwegian shipping company D/S A/S Oy II, which in 1928 sold her to Erling H.Samuelsens Rederi A/S, also Norwegian. She had a short life since she sank on 07/March/1933 during a trip from Antwerp to Hong Kong with general cargo and chemical products. There was an explosion that was followed by a fire, sinking the vessel.
Shipyard / Year Neptun AG - Rostock / 1925
GRT 4,052
Lenght 109.8 mtr
Breadth 15.6 mtr
Depth 7.4 mtr
Propulsion AEG - Burmeister&Wain 4T6C74/120
Power 1,650 H.P.
Speed 10 knots
Sunk 1933

Hinnoy - Collection C. Kleiss
Als at San Feliú de Guixols, probably the same day.

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