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        She was built as Rio Umia for Naviera Compostela. She was the first vessel built at Astilleros y Talleres del Noroeste, ASTANO, at Fene-El Ferrol (Spain) with more than 100 meters lenght. She had two engines MAN M9V40/46, which were belonging before to the German submarine U-167 (type IX), sank by British planes on 05/04/1943 close to Canary Islands. The ship was sailing during one year (1962) with these engines, but the perfomance was very poor and when was bought by Marasia and renamed Indico, on 1964, the main engine was already changed to one Burmeister & Wain engine with 2,870 HP, and the full loaded vessel was getting 12 knots in good sea conditions. The engine had 5 cylinders of 500 mm bore and 900 mm stroke. Her consumption was 14 MT/day of gasoil, having capacity for 350 MT.
        The original auxiliary engines were ASTANO, but their performance and maintenance were very bad. On 1965 they were changed to MTM (Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima). There were 2 engines with 200 KW and 220 VCC.
        On 1981 was sold to a Turkish company and was renamed as Dico under Panamá flag. On 1984 was sold again and registered in United Arabs Emirates and renamed World Hope. She was scrapped in the same year.
        Many times she was at Vulcano shipyard, in Barcelona. After the coaster is the Ciudad de Barcelona, followed by the Campogris, and then the Maria Luisa Velasco. Behind her was the Indico. After there was one of the sister ships Almaden, Almazan, Alcala or Alberique. On the backgroung to the left is the Ciudad de Cadiz on a floating drydock, to the right the Ciudad de Algeciras or Ciudad de Ceuta on other.
Shipyard / Year ASTANO / 1961
Dead Weight 5,010 MT
GRT 3,169
Lenght 110.0 mtr
Breadth 14.8 mtr
Depth 9,3 mtr
Propulsion Burmeister & Wain
Power 2,870 H.P.
Speed 12 knots
Bought 1964 to
Owner Naviera Compostela, S.A.
Sold 1981 to
Owner Mermaid - Panamá
Scrapped 1984

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