Maria de Larrinaga - Collection C. Kleiss
At Santander
        She was built for Larrinaga, the Spanish owners established at Liverpool, that was also her home port. They had also some vessels flagged in Spain, but the most were in the United Kingdom.
        These owners, together with a partner named Olano, started on 1863 with sailing vessels with lines from Liverpool to Philipines, Puerto Rico and Cuba. On 1871 they received the first steamer, that was assigned to the Philipines line. On 1883 Olano sold his shares to Larrinaga.
        This vessel was sold on 1928 to Spyros Polemis, being renamed Theotokos, flagged in Greece with home port at Andros. She sunk on 8/February/1931, during a trip with coal from Cardiff to Salamis, due a collisión with the P.L.M. 14. This vessel was owned by the Société Nationale d'Affrètement, part of Chemins de Fer Paris-Lyon-Marseille (that named its vessels with the initials plus a numeral). This company had its own fleet for carrying the coal for its trains. She was one of the few ships owned by this company that ended her life at the shipbreakers after 38 years of activity, although the last eight since 1951 with other owners. The company had 24 vessels, of which 19 sunk, eleven due to the wars, one during the WWI and ten during the WWII.
Shipyard / Year Charles Connell / 1898
Dead Weight 6,300 MT
Gross Register 4,018 GRT
Lenght 111.3 mtr
Breadth 14.4 mtr
Depth 8.1 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 430 N.H.P.
Sold 1928 to
Owner Spyros Polemis
Sunk 1931

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