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        At Rosario (Argentina) berthed to a cereal loading pier. There were several sailing vessels for the same traffic.
        Always with the same name she was owned after 1942 by Naviera Bilbaína, that bought most of Compañía Anónima Marítima Unión fleet. On 1946 she was sold to Naviera Asón and on 1971 to Compañía Marítima Torrelaveguense, both last two owned by Grupo Pérez, of Santander. She was scrapped on 1973.
At Rosario (Argentina)
Shipyard / Year Londonderry S.B. / 1900
Dead Weight 5,960 MT
Gross Register 3,744 GRT
Lenght 109.7 mtr
Breadth 14.1 mtr
Depth 7.9 meters
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,100 H.P.
Speed 9 knots
Sold 1942 to
Owner Naviera Bilbaína
Scrapped 1973

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