Menchy - Collection C. Kleiss
At Amsterdam
        She was built on 1921 as Fred Cleeves as collier. On 1930 she was sold to a German owner and renamed Else Muller. On 1945 she was delivered to the Norwegian Government as war repair, keeping the name until sold to a Norwegian owner, who called her Biodd. On 1950 other Norwegian owner changed her name to Sig. On 1956 she was bought by Naviera de Transportes, S.L., reflagged to Costa Rica and renamed Menchy. This shipping company was radicated at Bilbao, being the owners Urain y Zatica. She was scrapped on 1961 in Italy.
        This shipping company owned at least other vessel, the Lucy, also built on 1921, bought on 1953 and scrapped on 1960. She was a bit smaller thanMenchy, and also delivered by Germany as war repair, in this case to the British Government.
Shipyard / Year W. Harkess / 1921
Dead weight 1,932 MT
Gross register 1,598 GRT
Length 77.7 mtr
Breadth 11.9 mtr
Depth 5.2 meters
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 400 H.P.
Scrapped Viareggio (Italy) - 1961

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