Mirenchu - Collection C. Kleiss
      This was the second Mirenchu. The first was built on 1957 by Astilleros Corcho, and was sold on 1968 to García Miñaur and renamed Alpro.
      The second was sold on 1972 to Marítima del Norte and renamed Sierra Jara. On 1980 she was sold to a Panamanian shipping company and and renamed Acmi. On 1981 she grounded at River Berbice, in Guyana, and the hull was broken due to the tides. After refloated she was declared constructive total loss and towed to Santo Domingo. Although declared CTL she was repaired and was again in service on 1983 as Altair I. On 1992 she was renamed Galazio Kyma and on 1992 Antares, keeping all time the Panamanian flag. She was disabled on 1993, and on 1995 she was scuttled close to Pascagoula as a fishing reef.
Shipyard/Year Euskalduna / 1968
Dead Weight 6,386 MT
Gross Register 4,258 MT
Length 118.0 mtr
Breadth 16.3 mtr
Depth 8.1 mtr
Propulsion Diesel engine
Power 4,310 H.P.
Sold 1972 to
Owner Marítima del Norte
Disabled 1993

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