Rosario - Collection C. Kleiss
        She was built on 1895 para Blanco y Compañía costing 64,375 pesetas, which currently amount to about 255,000 Euros. On 1901 she moved to Blanco Hermanos y Compañía, being sold on 1913 to Sociedad Anónima Hidroeléctrica del Pindo by 31,250 pesetas, currently equivalent to about 115,000 Euros. On 1916 she was acquired by Manuel González del Río Valdés for 73,000 pesetas, currently equivalent to about 395,000 Euros. As can be seen the vessels prices had experienced a large increase due to World War I, this vessel costing much more than when she was new. On 1922 she was sold to Compañía de Maderas S.A, becoming property of Sandomingo Hermanos y Casariego on 1935, and again of Manuel González del Río Valdés on 1943. On 1946 she was acquired by Fernández y Peláez S.R.C., being sold on 1965 to Anita Lopez Rodriguez. Only two years later, on 1967, she was acquired by Honorio Fernández de la Torre, sinking near El Ayoun on 28/April/1970.
        On 15/April/1905 she rescued the castaways of the first steamer Pedrosa of the Compañía Vasco Cantábrica de Navegación.
        She retained her original name despite her long life and passing through several owners, but it seems that on 1943 she was Lenghtened four meters, as up this year her Lenght grows these meters in the Lloyds Register lists.
Shipyard / Year Craig, Taylor and Co. / 1895
Dead weight 165 MT
Gross register 119 GRT
Lenght 24.4 mtr
Breadth 5.8 mtr
Depth 2.1 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 80 H.P.
Bought 1901
Sold 1997 to
Owner S.A. Hidroeléctrica del Pindo

Rosario - Collection C. Kleiss
        Impressive how well is seen the open Bridge, that the storms would continuously sweep by sea water spray. Also the view of Paseo de Pereda, with old types of transport, in addition to the horse carts there was a cart with a couple of cows. The bell tower that is behind corresponds to the Church of the Sacred Heart, of the Jesuits.

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