Ruda - Collection C. Kleiss
In this photo she was leaving the port of San Sebastián, carrying the Ezcurdia funnel marks.
        She was built in 1857 at Dumbarton (United Kingdom) with the name of Saint Petersburgh. Her first shipowner was German, although there are versions assigning her to the Imperial Voluntary Fleet of Russia, it seems that due to confusion with another of the same name. Later she was bought by Norwegian owner, with the name of Risö and later British with that of Glengarry. In 1907 she was acquired by Luis Luis Trueba, being flagged in Uruguay and renamed Ruda, name that she already kept until her scrapping. In 1909 she was sold to E. Ezcurdia, passing to Spanish flag with home port San Sebastián. In 1924 she was sold to Albisa and Company, being resold in 1928 to Santiago Otegui and J. Campos, and in 1933 bought by Francisco and Lorenzo Otegui Lecea. She was scrapped in 1949.
        Originally she had a mixed steam-sail propulsion and her masts and derricks were prepared to rig sails, being subsequently modified to be used only for cargo purposes. In February 1948 she was grounded at the entrance of Santander, to avoid sinking due to water ingress. She was scrapped in 1949.
Shipyard/Year Denny & Rankin / 1857
Owner Neue Dampfer Cie.
Name Saint Petersburgh
Owner / Year A. Halleland / 1870
Name Risö
Owner / Year Donald Macdonald / 1905
Name Glengarry
Owner / Year Luis Liaño Trueba / 1907
Name Ruda
Dead weight 482 MT
Gross register 335 GRT
Lenght 49.8 mtr
Breadth 7.4 mtr
Depth 3.5 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 249 H.P.
Bought 1901 to
Owner Luis Luis Trueba
Name Ruda
Sold 1924 to
Owner Albisa y Compañía
Name Ruda
Sold 1928 to
Owner Santiago Otegui y J. Campos
Name Ruda
Sold 1933 to
Owner Francisco y Lorenzo Otegui Lecea
Name Ruda
Scrapped 1949

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