Sardinero - Collection C. Kleiss
          At Barcelona, berthed at the closest pier. On the background to the left was the Buenos Aires. Thanks to Javier Careaga has been identified the Dedalo, first plane carrier of the Spanish Navy, that was on the photo upper right side and had by her starboard several ships tied alongside each other. The rest are unidentified.
          She was built in Germany on 1902 as Eriphia. During the WWI she seekd refuge in Spain, being later seized to compensate the Spanish vessels lost due to German attacks. There were six vessels, delivered later to Gerencia de Buques Incautados, being this renamed as España Nº 1. On 1923 she was delivered to Compañía Vasco Cantabrica de Navegación for comensating this company of the lost on 1918 of the previous Sardinero, sunk by the German submarine U-155.
        She was later sold to Federico González Fierro, changing her name to Ita. She was scrapped on 1974.
Shipyard / Year Aktie Geschaft Neptun / 1902
Owner Dampfs Reederei Horn AG
Name Eriphia
Owner / Year Spanish Government / 1918
Name España Nº 1
Dead weight 3,733 MT
Gross register 2,562 GRT
Lenght 93.0 mtr
Breadth 12.6 mtr
Depth 5.4 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 765 C.V.
Speed 9 nudos
Incorporated 1923 from
Owner Spanish Government
Name España Nº 1
Sold 1933 a
Owner Federico González Fierro
Name Ita
Scrapped Málaga - 1977

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