Suarez Nº1 - Collection C. Kleiss
At Málaga
          She was built on 1892 in the United Kingdom by Joseph L. Thompson and Sons as Blue Cross. On 1913 she was renamed Sineus when bought by a Latvian shipowner, belonging to Russia then, to whom was bought by Marítima Suárez on 1921 being renamed Suarez Nº1.
          She was sold on 1927 to Naviera Celta and renamed Alfonso Senra. On 1939 she was boght by Gumersindo Junquera and rellamado Simancas. She was scrapped io; She was the second Suarez Nº1. The first was smaller, with 1,193 MT dead weight, bought on 1918 when she was almost 50 years old and sold a few months later on 1919.
Shipyard / Year J.L. Thompson / 1892
Dead Weight 4,500 MT
Gross register 3,030 GRT
Lenght 98.2 mtr
Breadth 12.5 mtr
Depth 7.6 mtr
Max.draft 6.9 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,157 H.P.
Speed 9 knots
Bought 1921 to
Owner G.W. Schroder
Sold 1933 to
Owner Naviera Celta
Scrapped Avilés - 1967

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