Suevia - Collection C. Kleiss
At San Esteban de Pravia, on the foreground seen by the stern.
          She was built on 1918 at Vigo by Froncoso Santodomingo for Yañes Hermanos, keeping her original name of Suevia throughout all her life. She had wooden hull and propulsion very belated for the time, because it was by means of reciprocating compound machine built by the same shipyard. At same way the steam pressure provided by the boiler was only 7 kg/cm2. She was sold on 1926 to J.R. Curbera Fernández, being scrapped on 1949 at Figueras.
          The large steamer on the background was the Ramon Alonso R.. The coaster between them was the Felipe Segundo. As this ship was delivered on September 1949 and the Suevia was sold for scrapping that same month the photo can be dated on it.
Shipyard / Year Froncoso Santodomingo
Year 1918
Dead Weight 608 MT
Gross register 353 GRT
Net register 225 NRT
Lenght 42.9 mtr
Breadth 7.9 mtr
Depth 3.4 mtr
Max.draft 2.9 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 200 H.P.
Steam pressure 7 kg/cm2
Coal comps. 4 MT/day
Bunker cap. 45 MT
Speed 8 knots
Bought 1926 to
Owner Yañes Hermanos
Scrapped 1949

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