Uribitarte - Collection C. Kleiss
        The first Uribitarte was built in 1888 by Raylton Dixon & Company with the name Fulford. She was acquired in 1899 by the Compañía Vasco-Cantábrica de Navegación, which renamed her Uribitarte. She was sunk on 02/December/1916 by the German submarine UC-21 by placing explosives. She was ordered from the submarine to stop for checking her documentation and cargo manifest, which was considereded contraband of war, so the crew was ordered to abandon the ship, placing afterwards explosives that sank her.
Shipyard / Year Raylton Dixon & Company / 1888
Name Fulford
Owner / Year Eduardo Aznar Tutor / 1895
Name Uribitarte
Dead weight 2,460 MT
Gross register 1,772 GRT
Length 78.3 mtr
Breadth 11.0 mtr
Depth 5.0 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 1,164 H.P.
Bought 1899 to
Owner Eduardo Aznar Tutor
Name Uribitarte
Sunk 02/12/1916 - Submarine UC-21

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