Villagarcia - Collection C. Kleiss
At Vigo
          She was built on 1881 in the United Kingdom as Ingoldsby. On 1912 she passed a Spanish flag when acquired by J.S. Lorenzo, being renamed Villafria, who on 1918 sold her to Hijos de Francisco Deza. On 1924 she was bought by Rosalio Malaxechevarría Beitia, who renamed her as Bat. On 1927 she was acquired by Maura and Aresti and on 1933 by the Compañia General de Carbones, keeping the name. Since 1929 she was at the Ría de Bilbao as coal bunkering pontoon. She was scrapped on 1933.
Shipyard / Year Palmer’s Company / 1881
Dead weight 1,786 MT
Gross register 1,193 GRT
Lenght 71.6 mtr
Breadth 9.8 mtr
Depth 5.4 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 876 H.P.
Bought 1918
Owner J.S. Lorenzo
Sold 1924
Owner Rosalio Malaxechevarría Beitia
Scrapped 1933

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