Description of tanker
"Bona Bay"

Bona Bay

  This ship is the sixteenth of a series of 17 built in Burmeister&Wain Skibsvaerft in Copenhaguen for several shipping companies. The last was "Golar Aberdeen", later renamed "Bona Brave".
  The delivery date was 27-September-1990 as "Golar Perth" operated by Gotaas-Larsen, Ltd. Later was called "Bona Bay" operated by Bona Shipping. From 1996 is called "Torm Sita".
  The lenght is 228.6 meters, the beam 32.4 and the draft 12.5 with 75,000 MT displacement. The empty ship displacement is 14,830 MT.
  This ship has double hull and double deck. Her Main Engine has 5 cylinders and 10,900 HP with 84 RPM. The diameter in each cylinder is 840 mm.
  The speed is 14.5 knots with a Heavy Fuel Oil consumption of 32 MT.
  The propeller pitch is 5,640 mm and the weight 20,380 Kg.
  Every anchor weights 11 MT and every anchor chain 91.3 MT.
  The cargo tanks capacity is 90,439 m3. The Heavy Fuel Oil tanks capacity is 3,110 m3 and the Diesel-Oil 426 m3.
  For discharging uses Framo pumps (one in each tank) working by hydraulic pressure. The pumps that produce the pressure are in the Engine Room and are moved by three diesel engines, two of 1500 KW and one of 750 KW.
  To produce the inert gas needed to refill up the cargo tanks, in order to avoid any danger, uses an independent generator.

Stern section

1.-Rudder   2.-Rudder shaft   3.-Steering ger   4.-Rope store    5.-Aft winches   6.-Funnel
7.-Main Engine exhaust gas pipe   8.-Engine Room fans   9.-Fuel an Lub oil tanks   10.-Emergency exit
11.-Emergency ladder   12.-Engine control room   13.-Auxiliar engines room   14.-Diesel-Oil store tank
15.-Propeller   16.-Propeller shaft    17.-Main Engine   18.-Double bottom
19.-Heavy Fuel Oil store tank   20.-Cabins   21.-Mess room    22.-Day room   23.-Wheelhouse
24.-Radio antenna   25.-Satellite domme    26.-Radar   27.-Direction finder    28.-Lifeboat
29.-Pump room   30.-Slop tank

Middle section

31.-Cargo pipes   32.-Bilge keel   33.-Firefighting cannon (foam)
34.-Inner hull   35.-Cargo tank bulkheads    36.-Cargo tanks   37.-Double bottom   38.-Cargo pump
39.-Cargo tank lower area   40.-Pipes tunnel   41.-Hose crane

Middle section

42.-Navigation light and fog whistle forward mast    43.-Winch   44.-Anchor windlass   45.-Anchor    46.-Bulb

Bow section
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