Marasia's ensigh by A. Mantilla

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Altough the work was sometimes hard, because we needed to change two Main Engine liners.

After Capetown we called at East London and Durban (South Africa) and at Tamatave (Madagascar), where we can see the ship between the trees on the beach,

and where we went aroud by the typical transport, the push-push.

Nossy Be
Later we were at Nossy Be, a tiny island belonging to Madagascar, with paradisaical beaches,

Nossy Be
where we saw passing by the fish that at the dinner we got in the hotel.

Madagascar had many good things, one of them how easy was fishing lobsters, as we can see in this photo.

During the rest of the trip, calling at Beira (Mozambique), Mombasa (Kenia), Suez Canal, Tunez and Cartagena (Spain), we enjoyed some barbecues,

Volley ball
voley ball matches over the hold 3,

Swimming pool
swimming to fight against the Red Sea heat, because the ship did not have air condition,

Swimming pool
in the swimming pool we managed to prepare with canvas between the hold 3 and the deck house.

Outside table
The heat lead to al fresco lunchs, on a table on the ship side. There was one on each side to take advantage of the best winds,

Outside table
but many times was necessary to be ready against mosquitos.

Holy Mass
There were another things, like this Holy Mass, held by a priest who was onboard as passenger,

Bad weather
or bad weather, when in that small vessel the waves seemed giant.

We finished the trip in Cartagena (Spain) and from there we went to Algeciras, to pick up part of the cargo of the Atlantico, which had a collision in the Gibraltar Strait.

I believe this has been a short description of the life at sea on the '70s-'80s. At the present times the most of us are only moving a floating factory from port to port, with scarse opportunities to go ashore, and with all the time onboard dedicated to working.

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