Agire-Mendi - Collection C. Kleiss
        She was ordered by a Dutch owner who cancelled the delivery. The shipyard sold her to Sota y Aznar, leaving the yard already as Agire-Mendi.
        On the Civil War she was under republican control until being seized on 11/April/1937 by the auxiliary cruiser Ciudad de Palma during a trip from Havana to Rotterdam. Since then she was managed by the Gerencia de Buques Mercantes Incautados until returned back to her owners, being renamed on 1939 as Monte Orduña. She was scrapped on 1959.
Shipyard/Year W. Dobson / 1922
Dead Weight 9,180 MT
Gross Register 5,529 GRT
Length 121.9 mtr
Breadth 16.2 mtr
Depth 9.3 mtr
Propulsion Alternative triple expansion
Power 2,300 H.P.
Scrapped 1959

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