Airoso - Collection C. Kleiss
          She can be seen on the right at La Coruña, a quiet port at that time as seen by the small boats that occupy part of the road. Behind her was the Upo-Mendi and on the background was the Alfonso XIII.
          She was built on 1905 as Comercio Bermeano for the Sociedad de Cabotaje Bermeana. On 1906 she was acquired by R. Azqueta who renamed her Airoso, who in 1916 sold her to a shipping company that was created for her purchase as it denotes its name: Compañía del Vapor Airoso. On 1924 she was bought by Compañía Naviera del Eo, under whose ownership this photo was taken. This company was settled at Ribadeo although it registered her at Ferrol, and curiously in her bow added after the name of the ship the one of Ribadeo, reason why it seems that she was called Airoso Ribadeo although it was not since she conserved Airoso until her scrapping. On 1951 she was bought by Naviera Chacartegui Arrinda, that on 1953 sold her to Pedro Aguirre Rodríguez, being converted into a motorship during the time that the latter was her owner. On 1965 she was acquired by Elvira Álvarez Ruidíaz e Hijos who only one year later, on 1966, sold her to the last shipowner Filiberto Lorenzo Honor. She sank on 06/May/1969 due to a water ingress when sailing between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, saving the life her seven crewmembers.
Shipyard / Year James Coll Gray / 1905
Dead weight 120 MT
Gross register 91 GRT
Lenght 20.3 mtr
Breadth 5.3 mtr
Depth 2.6 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 110 H.P.
Speed 6 knots
Bought 1916 to
Owner Compañía del Vapor Airoso
Sold 1951 to
Owner Chacartegui Arrinda
Sunk 1969

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