Atlante - Collection C. Kleiss
At anchor at Málaga with the stern fasted to a bouy.
      She was built at Newcastle on 1894 as New Londoner. On 1910 she was registered in Spain when bought by Sociedad de Navegación e Industria, being renamed Atlante. When this company was integrated in Trasmediterránea kept the name until scrapped on 1940.
Shipyard / Year Wigham, Richardson / 1894
Name New Londoner
Owner / Year Soc. de Navegación e Industria / 1911
Name Atlante
Dead weight 2,230 MT
Gross register 1,456 GRT
Passengers 110
Lenght 82.3 mtr
Breadth 10.2 mtr
Depth 4.7 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating triple expansion
Power 2,300 H.P.
Speed 14 knots
Bought 1917 to
Owner Sociedad de Navegación e Industria
Name Atlante
Scrapped 1940

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