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At Brunsbuttel, Kiel Canal outlet to the Elbe River.
      Naviera Astro took over her management without being the shipowners. She had been a former Shell oil tanker, built in 1942 under the name Nuculana, converted into a bulk carrier. In 1949 she ran aground on the Baldayos beach, in Galicia, being necessary to rescue five powerful tugboats. When they managed to rescue her, she was taken to Ferrol where a major repair was carried out due to major breakdowns.
      Later she was sold and converted into a bulk carrier, which was when Naviera Astro took over her management. Due to the drop in the freight market, she spent time laid up in Santander until the market recovered.
      In one of her trips when she was going to Japan and was near the Suez Canal, it was closed due to the Six Day War. For this reason, she had to turn around and go through the Panama Canal, and as she then loaded into Australia for Bilbao, she went around the world. She was scrapped in Taiwan in 1968.
Shipyard / Year Hawthorn Leslie & Company / 1942
Owner Anglo-Saxon Petroleum (Shell)
Name Nuculana
Dead weight 12,000 MT
Gross register 8,179 GRT
Lenght 147.4 mtr
Breadth 18.1 mtr
Depth 10.3 mtr
Propulsion B&W 4SA 8CYL 650x1400
Power 5,170 H.P.
Speed 12 knots
Bought 1958 by
Owner North Bulk Carriers Limited
Home port Liberia - Monrovia
Converted From tanker to bulkcarrier / 1955
Dead weight 12.019 MT
Gross register 5.449 GRT
Scrapped Kaohsiung (Taiwan) / 1968

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