Buenos Aires - Collection C. Kleiss
        On this photo she was at Barcelona, on the background to the left. She had the Trasatlántica house flag in the forward mast. In first line was the Sardinero, owned by Compañía Vasco Cantábrica de Navegación. The rest are unidentified.
        She was built on 1887 at Dumbarton by William Denny & Bros. She was launched as Jelunga and bought during building by Trasatlántica. She had capacity for 843 passengers (83 in First Class, 30 in Second and 730 in the orlop decks). The propulsion was by one quadruple expansión machine with 4,900 HP.
        As per her name she was assigned to the Argentina line, with intermediate calls in Brasil and Montevideo. She was scrapped on 1940, after several years laid up at Mahón due to her bad condition.
Shipyard / Year William Denny & Bros / 1887
Dead Weight 5,440 MT
Gross register 5,311 GRT
Passengers 843
Length 125.1 mtr
Breadth 14.7 mtr
Depth 6.5 mtr
Propulsion Alternative quadruple expansion
Power 4,900 H.P.
Scrapped 1940

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