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      At Valencia. She was the first ship of the Serie WG of Elcano, although she was built directly for Naviera de Castilla, part of Grupo Pereda. The other ship in the serie was the Mendoza, although she had derricks, built on 1964 for the same shipping company at the same shipyard. With the same drawings was built on 1965 at Matagorda the Luis Pereda, in this case for Transportes de Petróleo, of the same group.
      After sold on 1978 to a Panamanian shipping company she was renamed Eugenio, and on 1980 she was sold again to other Panamanian company and renamed Kimoliaki Pistis. Both companies were owned by Greeks. On 1983 she had a fire in the Mediterranean Sea, during a trip from Recife to Constanza loaded with sugar sacks. Due the damages she was scrapped on next year.
Shipyard / Year E.N. Elcano - Sevilla / 1961
Dead weight 23,238 MT
Gross register 15,608 GRT
Lenght 180.0 mtr
Breadth 22.5 mtr
Depth 14.2 mtr
Propulsion MTM – Sulzer 10SD72
Power 7,300 H.P.
Speed 14 knots
Sold 1978
Owner California Shipping Corporation
Name Eugenio
Sold 1980 to
Owner Rosa Naviera - Panamá
Name Kimoliaki Pistis
Fire 18/01/1983 - 36º33N'-17º26'E
Scrapped Split (Yugoslavia) - 1984

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